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All lovers of non-traditional activities willing to bring their team building event to a higher level can choose from a wide range of unforgettable team activities. At Hotel Partizán**** you can enjoy original experiences made ready upon request such as off-road drives, water sports (rafting river Hron), balloon or helicopter flights.


Offroad 4x4
Off-road adventures offer perfect excitement. With our 4 x 4 car-pool, supported by instructor and a strong car (all according to your wishes), your dreams will come true. We recommend that you combine the activities with each other or with a barbecue night. All our activities are available from April to October.
Price by agreement.
Paintball is a popular adrenalin game. Eliminating your opponents with painted balls offers a great fun for all players.
Price by agreement.1 hour / 1 person circa 200 balls) € 2 in total
Boat trips on river Hron with daily transport of passengers from early spring till late autumn. The all-round service includes tools and equipment (such as boats, paddles and accessories), transport of boats and people and safe parking. For each trip we use inflatable boats, canoes or kayaks. The package prices start at €11 (paddle, vest, pump..). The renting of kayak, raft boat, canoe costs minimum € 10 per item. We offer two routes: Route 1: Nemecká - Lodenica na Mlynčoku - Šalková and Route 2: Chvatimech - Nemecká - Lodenica na Mlynčoku.
Price by agreement.
Zorbing a Aquazorbing
Zorb is a large transparent sphere made of special PVC with a diameter of more than 3 metres and weight of 90 kilograms. Inside you get through a tunnel. You put on a harness and roll down the hill. This adventure safely ends on a counter-slope, in a special net or a pool of water.
Price by agreement.
The two-centuries long tradition began in 1783 with the Montgolfiére brothers and their balloon made of taffeta, powered with burnt straw carrying a three-member crew: a rooster, a sheep and a duck. Today's hot air balloon is made of woven nylon resistant to high temperatures. Its baskets are made of wicker. The volume of 2.200 m3 of heated air (in a small sports balloon) can carry a 300kg balloon, three people and fuel (propane in stainless steel tanks) for a two-hour flight. The flying altitude starts at the level of treetops and can go up to several kilometres. The world altitude record is nearly 17 kilometres.
Price by agreement.
Run down a hill, jump and fly like an eagle. A tempting idea - isn’t it? Paragliding is a popular activity performed by people with the sense of adventure yet somewhat afraid of parachuting. We offer tandem jump from Chopok and the Mýto pod Ďumbierom tower.
Price by agreement.
This includes shooting from the replicas of historical weapons covering various eras and countries. Our weaponry includes medieval (Gothic) crossbows, mainly of Germany or English origin.
Price by agreement.
Adventure with a touch of adrenalin… Wouldn’t it be fun to take a shortcut to school by using a rope bridge over a tree or a wild river? With the assistance of our instructors, this adventure will create unforgettable moments!
Price by agreement.
Skike is a modern type of skates yet much better. With skike you will have no problem to move on the road or in the field. Thanks to its universal shape, one size fits all. Skike riding resembles cross-country skiing. Cruising on field roads is a unique adrenalin experience. Skike riding is similar to traditional skating but it is much an easier exercise. Show your mates how good you are at obstacle-course racing or just take a relaxed tour of the beautiful hills in the neighbourhood. …
Price by agreement.
Sky diving is, perhaps, the most adventurous experience one can participate in. Tandem jump or skydive is the best recipe to experience an unforgettable event. Do not hesitate; you will not regret!
Price by agreement.
Would you like to see the whole landscape without having to feel tired after a long walk? Take our segway and enjoy a pleasant ride in the country or on local roads and paths.
Price by agreement.
Disc golf is a game similar to traditional golf. Instead of a club and a ball used in the traditional golf, disc golf players use a flying disc or a frisbee. The objective of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. For each hole there is a fixed point from which the disc must be thrown at the target - a hole. Hole may have different forms; the most frequent one is called pole. It is an elevated
Price by agreement.
Corporate drumming is an efficient method helping in the development and building of a team. It us used as an energiser and ice-breaker of audiences at various sessions and conferences. The method combines the latest knowledge of the human brain with the oldest method of team work known from all cultures in the world - rhythmical rituals. We offer several versions: DRUM OVER - for team building and conference groups from 20 to 600 people, duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours DRUM CIRCLE - a “compromise” version, for large events, duration 45 min. MELODYTUBES SYMPHONY - an “economical” version for large groups of people, maximum duration 40 min.
Price by agreement.
A lot of fun for all groups, big and small ones. This exercise requires cheering and the audience will surely not get bored... Throughout the journey, you will find various small rewarding objects (such as drinks...)
Price by agreement
Walking on stilts - an activity we all remember from our childhood – is back. Stilts are safe enough to carry everybody who wishes to be taller. Once you master the art of stilts walking you will easily manage our marked course. The stilts are a perfect complement to various team-building sessions
Price by agreement
Maxi skis are for groups from 2 to 5 people. Each team member takes a position and holds the skis with ropes. This discipline requires synchronisation and team cooperation. The team’s aim is to cover course distance as quickly as possible. We can prepare the course depending on your wishes with various difficulty levels. The minimum is 4 people.
Price by agreement
An entertaining competitive activity for three people racing over a certain distance.
Price by agreement
A special type of goggles simulating the state of intoxication with the following symptoms: deterioration of vision, reduced attention, slow response time, confusion, visual distortion, change of perception of depth and distance, reduced peripheral vision, impaired judgement and decision-making, double vision, and lack of muscle coordination. After putting on the goggles, various activities will be enabled such as jumping between pins or covering an obstacle course...
Price by agreement
A great complement to various physical activities are brain teasers allowing you to activate your brain cells. We offer brain teasers of various difficulty levels.
Price by agreement
Rafting on dry land? It is no problem; al what you need is a volleyball ball, a plank and a bounce. The goal is to reach the destination through the engagement of all team members, naturally as quickly as possible.
Price by agreement